Dr. Masih Allah Forouzmand (born 1974) studied animal science(BSc) at Tehran university, and got master of animal nutrition degree(MSc) from Isfahan university of technology (1997-1999).

Then,He successfully finished PhD degree of ruminant nutrition and graduated from Isfahan university of technology in 2006.

He established and managed Behparvaran company from 1999 and now ,is CEO and chairman of the board.

His scientific and research projects has been focused on :

1.Study the effect of feeding fat supplements on production and reproduction performance of dairy cows.

2.Factors affecting silage fermentation and its nutritive value.

3.Dairy cows management and nutrition during transition period.

4.Nutritional factors affecting health and performance of Holstein dairy calves.

5.Growth performance and meat quality of the lambs fed by fat supplements or processed grains.